1. Relieves Tension.

2. Better Posture.

3. Stronger Core Muscles.

4. Better Flexibility.

5. Promotes Mindfulness And Body Awareness.

6. Social Aspects Of A Class Environment

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Pilates Mat

A Pilates mat is 1/2-inch thick with compact foam to provide more support for your sensitive body parts

Pilates Rubber Ball

Generally, these balls are used for massage and release work. They prove particularly effective when used to release tension in areas like the shoulders, the feet and glutes

Pilates Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are often used for stretching when your objective is to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Pilates Books

You can start entirely self-taught, at home.

Pilates Weights

The use of light weights can add an additional scope to exercises such as extra muscle toning and increased effort from muscles in your core.

Pilates Ring Resistance

The Pilates Ring can help strengthen or stretch numerous muscles across the entire body.